As a group

  • As a group
    Team spirit!


Gastronomy, culture, the study of wine and its production, nature…Angers Loire Valley has a full deck of cards when it comes to organising group related activities.

Under the banner of ‘discovery and relaxation’, there are guided tours of the area and its geology, the city and its history, the wine-making industry and its heritage can all be adapted to suit the needs of the group. Preferential rates, personalised itineraries and imaginative ideas – we’ve thought of everything. All you have to do is relax and enjoy each other’s company! Now that’s the spirit!

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  • A guided group tour of Angers is a guaranteed ticket to bringing the city’s treasures to life and explains its heritage in a welcoming, informative and entertaining way.

  • Take a day and immerse yourself in the heart of the Loire Valley discovering its heritage and its distinctive cuisine.

  • A ‘package’ break reveals an enchanting city with a reputation for its quality of life and a surr