Gourmet delights!

In the Angers Loire Valley, we take our food seriously.

Here freshness and taste are paramount. Of course, we benefit from lots of sunshine and therefore the choice is vast. A typical meal can feature fish from the Loire and mushrooms grown locally in the troglodyte caves and apples and pears from a local orchard. A veritable gastronomic feast and since you will be dining at the table of kings, we have locally produced and internationally recognised fine wines and liqueurs to accompany it all!


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  • Regional specials in Angers

    In this fertile land traversed by the mighty Loire, where the sun seems to shine everyday, it is hardly surprising that a getaway break or holiday turns out to be a delicious journey with many generous and authentic meals along the way.

  • The Vignobles et Découvertes label

    This prestigious label, given to tourist destinations linked to the wine industry, recognises the different activities that allow you to discover the fascinating world of wine whilst experiencing the rich cultural heritage of the region.