Apocalypse Tapestry

Made of wool using the low-warp technique and reversible, the tapestry currently measures on average 103 metres in length and 4.5 metres in width. This work, based on a 1st century A.D. manuscript (the visions of St John, the final text of the New Testament), illustrates the historical, social and political context of 14th century France, at the time of the Hundred Years War, of epidemics and famine.
After a damaging period between the late 18th and early 19th centuries when it was mutilated, abandoned and dispersed, the tapestry was reassembled and restored in the mid 19th century by Canon Joubert. The tapestry was returned to the château d’Angers in 1954 to be presented to the public. 
In the semi-darkness of the gallery, you will be able to appreciate all the symbolism and mystery that this work exudes. The Apocalypse of St John has been interpreted in many ways through the centuries and you may well have your own ideas by the time you leave here…
Days and opening times: 
From 02 January to 30 April 2018
- Open daily, from 10h00 to 17h30 .
From 02 May to 04 September 2018
- Open daily, from 09h30 to 18h30 .
From 05 September to 31 December 2018
- Open daily, from 10h00 to 17h30 .
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    • Accueil Vélo
    • Classé ou inscrit à l'inventaire
    • Destination Anjou
    • Label Vignobles et Découvertes
    • Cycle path
    • Monument historique national
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    • Coeur de Produit - accès libre


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