• Heritage

Angers Loire Valley has a unique heritage. From the beginnings of Christianity to the great dynasty of the Counts of Anjou and the French Revolution…all have left their mark on its landscape and architecture.

Angers and its historical districts give a glimpse of the bustling activity that has existed since the Middle Ages. Proudly rising from a rocky spur, the impressive castle stands guard over opulent timber houses, religious edifices and Gothic grandeur.

In the surrounding countryside, in the heart of the vineyards of the Aubance, or along the banks of the Loire, châteaux, manor houses, abbeys and churches pay homage to the history of this great region.

  • A walk through the historic centre of Angers is like a journey back in time. The Medieval Ages have left their footprint in the area around the cathedral and the castle.

  • Visited by many Kings of France who found much pleasure here, the Loire Valley is one of the rare UNESCO World Heritage Sites...