Whether it is music, art, film or literature, Angers Loire Valley is at the centre of the cultural scene!

Musically, Angers has made its mark at some of the biggest and most important festivals in France with a wealth of distinctive musicians and composers recognised at first by their local audiences and now throughout the country.

The city is a strong supporter of the classic arts creating an impressive new contemporary arts centre located at Le Quai d’Angers (on the North bank of the river by the marina). It is home to many special events and festivals.

Cinema plays an important role too! Angers hosts "Premiers Plans" an international festival for Europe’s most gifted young movie makers. “Premiers Plans", one of France’s most important festivals, has also spotlighted movies made in the region and using some of the famous Anjou châteaux for their setting.

From the Renaissance period through to today, the Anjou has seen the emergence of many important artists, among them is the famous poet Joachim du Bellay and the romantic novelist Hervé Bazin; both deeply connected to their hometown, a provenance reflected in their works.

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    Cultural, sporting, artistic events everywhere and anywhere; these are the highlights of the region’s calendar – the festival theme runs throughout the year!