What and where is Angers Loire Valley?

  • What and where is Angers Loire Valley?
    What and where is Angers Loire Valley?
  • What and where is Angers Loire Valley?

Angers Loire Valley is a new name and identity for an area that has already proven its ability to combine heritage with economic success.


A key part of the Pays de la Loire region in Western France, the historic city of Angers is the heartbeat of this successful area where students work alongside developing businesses, where creativity and tradition are equally important, where families have a quality lifestyle and where tourism flourishes.


UNESCO has recognised it as a World Heritage Site. Angers Loire Valley jealously protects its environment; there is a real pride in both the natural and historical heritage of the area.

Interestingly, the city of Angers is also a centre for innovation and advanced technology. A home to many prominent companies and their research teams. The city is in perpetual motion, developing new and exciting businesses and cultural, academic and tourism projects that ensure that it will never rest on its laurels.

Angers Loire Valley is a brand for the future!

  • The portfolio of facts about Angers Loire Valley is impressive. The combination of urban and rural landscape brings together 68 separate communes and 300,000 inhabitants.

  • Angers Loire Valley has a unique heritage. History has been here, from the beginnings of Christianity to great dynasty of the Counts of Anjou and the French Revolution. All have left their mark on its landscape and architecture.

  • Musically, Angers has made its mark at some of the biggest and most important festivals in France

  • A land traversed by one of France’s mightiest rivers has created a landscape where nature is clearly in charge.