Angers Loire Valley - Full of life

  • Angers Loire Valley

Angers Loire Valley, full of life!

Nestling between the rivers Maine and Loire, the city of Angers is at the heart of this lively area. Amongst the city’s green spaces, you’ll also find it to be a centre for industrial and scientific innovation and impressive tourist sites.

The surrounding communes of Loire-Aubance, Loire-Authion and Vallée du Loir partner with Angers to provide a stunning backdrop for a gourmet ‘getaway break’ in a vineyard, or water and cycling adventures along the Loire, and even a nature trek through a wooded landscape.

It is a great destination for a visit or a holiday!

  • What and where is Angers Loire Valley?

    Angers Loire Valley is a new name and identity for an area that has already proven its ability to combine heritage with economic success.

  • Acknowledged by UNESCO, the heritage of the Val de Loire is undeniable.

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